Paper monster and digital art in continuous growth that comes to fragment the reality and to serve you at the contemporary art table.

Prismal gallery open to the world, for all psychedelic and experimental heads.

Cut, paste and mix. Repeat.

Art in pieces that your head flies.

In the cybernetic age of information, we question the boundary between artisanal and digital art.

We are queers, we are feminist, we are solidarities, we are anti-patriarchal, we are humans that make art.

Mass media, TV ads, Pop Art, the art of the masses and magazine ads are the different means we use to raise our voices and question the capitalist and patriarchal system that oppresses us.

Diferentes Medios are different voices.

Diferentes Medios is postcolonial theory and DIY guerrilla art.

Diferentes Medios tends to self-destruction because in chaos there will always be order.

Diferentes Medios represents the subjective, if it exists. Different media gives you and although you do not expect change, you want one.

Diferentes Medios is an organism, what, existential organism of the praxis of the theoretical comidilla.

Diferentes Medios is art in (re) creation


Diferentes Medios is soul and body, spirit also

Diferentes Medios is construction of artists identity