Editorial Project


DIFERENTES MEDIOS is a content publisher which proposes a platform for research, development, creation and publication of mixed media art. DIFERENTES MEDIOS emerged in 2015 as an idea and did not materialize until the middle of 2018. The publishing house collects artistic works and promotes them through different channels. It has an online publication as a virtual museum for the exhibition of artistic works, a publishing blog where columns of literature are published and it is the bridge connecting users to communicate their experiences with the publisher and the printed versions of magazines, poetry books and story books. DIFERENTES MEDIOS responds to self-management for its sustainability due to its link with the community processes of a general and global public. DIFERENTES MEDIOS is a cultural formation that "is not based on any formal affiliation, however, it is organized around some public collective manifestation, such as an exhibition, a public editorial presence or through a newspaper or a manifesto" (Williams 1981).

DIFERENTES MEDIOS brings together different types of interpretation of the real as a conscious position of the artistic individual. DIFERENTES MEDIOS collects the significant from the discourse presented in the manifesto and presents an alternative relationship of formation through alternative means for the production and / or publication of works excluded from existing organisms. DIFERENTES MEDIOS project uses signs of power through advertising, the alteration of language, photomontages, the weighting of an "aesthetic" collage as the way to seduce to be involved in the collective and editorial discourse. The reality for DIFERENTES MEDIOS is the world according to the human perception about events or symbols that depend on a particular context in the society in which the individual is located. Therefore, conferring a sense of reality exposes the corporeal experiences of existing individuals, warns of a double meaning of the social relations that is agreed between them and grants the recognition of a plurality of versions in the constitution of the individual.


DIFERENTES MEDIOS as a movement begins to nurture the practice of self-management, granting it levels of cultural relativism, since it bets on an openness to artistic difference without recognizing age, school, formations or specializations. To make an impact, it is proposed to create a fundraising plan for the collection of income and the formulation of a physical workshop space and headquarters for DIFERENTES MEDIOS in turn as the formulation of training projects for artists through OPEN-calls.